Kenyon College’s Total Performance Swim Camps combine world-class coaching, excellence in training and technique instruction, renowned facilities, beautiful and safe campuses, and most importantly lots of personal attention, mentoring and FUN!


Ron Kontura

Director - Total Performance Swim Camps

2019 will be the first year for Total Performance Swim Camps to be under the direction of Ron Kontura. Ron has coached at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Trials, was the Safety Coordinator for the 2016 USA Olympic Swimming Team Training Camp in San Antonio and brings a wealth of camp experience with him from around the country. 

The Total Performance Swim Camps are built around the same principles that have built Kenyon College Swimming into the NCAA's leader for swimming success - excellence!  These camps are innovative and imaginative, and take an intensive and detailed look at the nuances of elite wwimming.  Our staff brings passion and curiosity to the workouts and lectures, which inspires our campers to achieve beyond what they thought possible. Every summer we are excited to work with our campers who: 1) are eager to increase their own understanding and appreciation of our sport, and 2) have a strong desire to swim FAST!

Sarah Steen Holcomb

Lead Consultant - Total Performance Swim Camps

When my father (Coach Jim Steen) started Total Performance Swim Camps in 1980, he was committed to creating something unique. As a coach, he wanted a camp where young competitive swimmers could get world-class instruction and be challenged to become better. As a father, he wanted campers to be in an intimate environment where they were free to learn, have fun and be safe. What resulted was Total Performance Swim Camps! 

Over the years, he built an industry-wide reputation for providing young athletes individual attention, instructional excellence, an engaging and educative curriculum, and opportunities to make personal connections with coaches and college athletes.  Yet, what makes Total Performance truly special is our team - as evidenced by the number of campers and staff that return year-after-year.  We bring together head coaches and college athletes who love their sport and find inspiration in sharing their expertise and experiences with the next generation of young swimmers.  I’m honored and thrilled to carry on the Total Performance tradition of excellence, and I look forward to the day when my children can be Total Performance campers!

Bob Rueppel

Director - Competitive Stroke Camps at Kenyon College

I joined the Total Performance Team in 2004 as the Director of the Total Performance Swim Camp at Franklin and Marshall College where I was also head coach. After leaving F&M for Middlebury College in 2011, Coach Steen asked me to come to Kenyon to direct the Competitive Stroke Camp, and I now enter my 8th year in that capacity. It is an honor to be a part of the camp on the exact site it was founded over 38 years ago. While at F&M, I was initially attracted to Total Performance because I felt its foundation was based on a philosophy of balance. By optimizing all aspects of training, technique, discipline and basic life skills, success can be achieved. I am continuously impressed with the growth our campers show in just one week with Total Performance.

Dan Gelderloos

Director - Competitive Stroke Camp at Calvin College

After our new facility was built in 2010, I saw this as an opportunity to share my passion for swimming and bring young swimmers to Calvin College with a summer swim camp.  I looked around at other camps around the country and one of the best camps I kept hearing about was Coach Steen's Total Performance Swim Camps at Kenyon College. I have always associated Coach Steen and Kenyon Swimming as one of the best programs in the country. I was hopeful, given Calvin and Kenyon’s similarities as prestigious private liberal arts institutions with great facilities and strong swimming programs, he’d be willing to take us on as another Total Performance camp. I am very grateful for the opportunity to share my passion for swimming as a Total Performance Camp. I have learned a lot from Coach Steen, from other coaches in the camps, and am benefited by one of the best administrative swim camp staffs around.

Anne Rueppel

Total Performance Administrator

I feel privileged to be part of the Total Performance staff.  Being a college coach’s wife and a parent of a former Total Performance camper who is now a lead camp counselor, I was thrilled to join this team of people who inspire athletes of all ages and from many different locations.  Total Performance is a family, and to be involved in a camp that has great dedication to young athletes is an honor.