2021 Total Performance Swim Camps - HUGE SUCCESS! 

Thank you to everyone for helping make the 2021 Total Performance Swim Camps a HUGE SUCCESS! It is our commitment to make TPSC the best and safest learning experience for swimmers in the country, and we have achieved this goal in 2021. Our coaching staff has been one of the best ever assembled for any swim camp in the country, and they have exceeded expectations this year! 

Looking ahead, our staff is committed and excited for 2022 TPSC! We are finalizing the dates and will have them posted by the beginning of Fall. Our mission to encourage swimmers to exceed their expectations has strengthened during the past year, and getting back to the pool has brought all of us joy. Continue to have a safe and enjoyable summer! Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you have.  

Let's SWIM!

Ron Kontura Jr.

Director – Total Performance Swim Camp


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Our swim camps are designed to inspire competitive swimmers to achieve their own “Total Performance.”

For over 39 years, we have provided what matters to swimmers and parents most: world-class coaching, excellence in training and technique, personal attention, mentoring and lots of fun! Our camps are located at prestigious liberal arts schools with top-rated facilities and safe campuses. Come find out for yourself why over 10,000 young athletes from 49 states and 13 countries have chosen our swim camps to achieve their Total Performance!


"I gained so much from this camp. I had nothing but personal bests the rest of the summer season and met my goals for Fall. I had amazing freestyle and backstroke gains."

2017 Kenyon CSC Camper
swimmer swimming breast stroke

 “TPSC is awesome!  I loved being in an environment where there weren’t too many campers and I didn’t feel like I was just part of the crowd.  The coaches are great and are intent on having you improve.  The counselors were super cool too!” 

2017 Calvin Camper
swimmers smiling

“Coaching was top-notch, facility was incredible, camp was well run, and the counselors were swimmers (relatable and attentive).  Best camp my daughters have attended.”

2017 Parent of Elite Fly/Back Camper

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