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"Fast times are one aspect to focus on, but [our son] really has a new appreciation for all that is involved in becoming a better swimmer, learning as much as he can, and growing as a person and a swimmer. For that, I can only say thank you. "

- Geau
"So many great opportunities at these camps: 1. The chance to work on the "little things" that seem to slip by in practice; 2. The opportunity to remain in shape during a camp (easier said than done); 3.The chance to meet kids from all around the country who share a love for the sport. . . 4. The opportunity to look at the "big" picture--nutrition, fitness, mental well-being, and more. I could go on!"

- Christine
"My son has used the skills he learned in your camp to further his dream. I cannot begin to thank you enough for how you helped him this past summer. Many parts of his swimming, both technical and mental have benefited."

- Carol
"Thank you so much for the great experience our girls had at camp. Maeve and Emma are still talking about things they learned, are sharing with their friends and coaches and working on the new skills. Todd and I are especially happy with the transformation of Emma...You will be happy to hear that Emma qualified for YMCA Nationals (lots of tears and joy).."

- Tamara & Todd

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