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1) What is your cancellation policy?

Answer: Cancellation for any reason prior to May 15th results in a $50 non-refundable registration fee.  Refunds will only be given if you cancel prior to the balance due date of May 15th.

Cancellations after the May 15th balance due date will receive a Total Performance Swim Camp “voucher” for all camp tuition payments made, valid through the 2017 camp season. Your camp credit can be applied to any Total Performance Swim Camp and is transferable to an immediate family member.

Your $250 deposit is due upon registering.  If you chose to pay the deposit only at this time, we will automatically process your final balance from your credit card between May 15-31.  All registrations after May 15 require payment in full.

2) How do I register a camper?

Answer: There are two ways to register:

1. ONLINE - You can register online for any of our camps by clicking the Register Online
button on this website and then charge either the camp deposit or the full payment. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover. We do not accept American Express.

2. BY MAIL-You can print a copy of the Paper Registration Form, complete the form and then mail it, along with your check or money order, to the address included on the form. (Checks payable to Total Performance Sports Camps)

3) Are camps open to boys and girls of all ages?

Answer: Our Competitive Stroke Camp is for swimmers age 10-18 years of age. Elite Specialty
Camps are open to swimmers ages 13-18.

4) Do I have to pay the full camp tuition at the time of registration?

Answer: No. In order to submit an online registration, a credit card deposit of $250 is required
on our secure website. If you prefer to send a check, you must call or email Anne Rueppel, Camp
Administrator (740-398-4464), who will assist you with the online process so that you can bypass the required credit card payment and mail a check at a later date. If paying with a check, your camp spot will not be reserved until your check is received. If you are submitting a paper application, you must mail a check for the $250 deposit amount or the full tuition amount with your application.

The remaining balance of the camp tuition is due by MAY 15th. If you paid your $250
deposit by credit card at the time of registration, you can log back into your account on our
website at any time to pay your remaining balance. Otherwise, we will automatically process
your final camp payment with your credit card on-file in our secure website between MAY 15th
and MAY 30th. Please make sure your credit card is up-to-date in our system before MAY 15th.

5) To whom do I address the check?

Answer: Checks should be made payable to Total Performance Sports Camps.

6) Do you have any discounts?

Answer: Total Performance offers a Returning Camper Discount and a Team Discount:

Returning Camper Discount ($15) – for any camper who has attended a Total Performance Swim
Camp in prior years (discount does not apply for siblings of former campers).

Team Discounts ($35 or $50 depending on number of campers) – for teams sending 6 or more
campers. The Team Discount Application is due by March 31st in order to receive the discount.
To access the form and learn about terms and conditions click this link.

7) When do you stop accepting registrations for camps? Do you have a waitlist?

Answer: We accept campers on a first come, first served basis. To ensure your spot, it is best to
register months in advance. When a camp sells out, we will accept registrations for our waitlist.
Campers are taken off the waitlist if we have openings due to cancellations, therefore a spot
on the waitlist is not a guarantee. Sold out camps will be posted on our home page. 

8) The minimum age to attend is 10 years old. Can you make an exception for my 9-year to
old attend?

Answer: Occasionally we make exceptions if the parent is confident that their child will be fine
completing two swimming workouts per day, and they are fairly certain that their nine-year-old
will not be homesick being away from home and staying in the dorms. Our biggest concern is
for the well-being and happiness of our campers. We do not want to put a camper in a situation
where they are so homesick that they have to withdraw from the camp.



1) What is your policy for handling my child’s medications?

Answer: All prescription medications are given to your child’s counselor and will be distributed
as prescribed. Over the counter medications can be given to the counselor or left to the camper
depending on the age of the camper and/or parent's preference. Any medications coming to
camp with your child should be communicated in advance via email and listed on the medical

2) What is the TPSC phone policy?

Answer: Campers should bring cell phones with them to camp. Campers without cell phones
may receive messages from home via their dorm counselors' cell phones or by e-mail sent to the
Kenyon Camp Director. If circumstances warrant, the camper may be allowed to make calls home via the dorm counselors' or camp director's phone. We do ask that you reserve the use of staff phones to essential communications. Cell phones must be left in the dorm during the day. Any phone present at camp activities will be held by the camper's counselor until activities are done for the day. There is no wireless internet connection in the

3) What happens if my child loses his/her key?

Answer: There is a $175 lost key charge for any camper who loses their room key. When a key is
lost, the corresponding lock is removed, destroyed, and replaced with a new lock. All additional
keys to the lock are destroyed and new keys are cut. The lost key charge would is due before
checking-out. In addition, if a camper damages his dorm room or other campus property, the camper may be billed for the repair amount. Any such amount owed by a camper will be billed to his parents after the conclusion of the camp session.



1) Do you have triple rooms?/Can three campers room together?

Answer: Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate any triples. The college will not allow
us to have triples due to the difficulty of assembling and tearing down bunked beds. It is an issue of availability of beds and maintenance staff to do the moving. The only way the college will create a triple room for us is if the camps close with an odd number of campers so that we do not have a camper in a room by themselves. But we do not accept requests in advance for triple rooms.

Our advice is to request that your son or daughter be placed in a room next to his/her
friends. We can do our best to accommodate requests for campers to be placed in rooms in the
same hall or next to each other.

2) If my child comes to camp without a roommate, what happens?

Answer: We have lots of campers that come to camp without roommates, especially for the Elite
Camps. Some Competitive Stroke Campers come without a roommate, so your son/daughter
will not be the only one. In this situation, we match campers to the best of our ability according
to their age, ability level, and if possible geography (if they are from a similar area). All campers
are placed in a hall with other campers of their similar age so they don’t feel out of place.

3) Do you allow commuters?

Answer: Yes, we allow commuters. We are primarily a residential swim camp, but each year
we have a few families interested in commuting. The cost is $100 less than our regular camp
tuition. Our commuters do all the activities that the overnight campers do. They eat breakfast at
home and arrive at the pool in the morning for the first swim session of the day. Then they stay
on campus through lunch, dinner, evening lectures and can be picked up before or after evening
social activities – approximately 8 p.m.

4) When will we find out roommate assignments?

Answer: We honor all roommate requests if your campers request each other. If your roommate
request changes prior to the start of camp, please email Anne Rueppel as soon as possible so we
can make the appropriate changes. If a camper does not have a roommate request and is matched
with another camper without a request, you will find out who your roommate is at check-in.

5) Do the dorms have air conditioning?

Answer: No, the dorms do not have air conditioning. Be sure to check the weather forecast
before packing for camp. Campers may want to bring a fan with them.



1) What should I do if I am running late for, or will miss the camp’s check-in?

Answer: The first few hours of camp are very important to the rest of the camp experience.
It is recommended that you arrive on time if at all possible. Immediately following check-in,
campers will be tested for purposes of creating lane assignments for training purposes. Also,
videotaping of all four strokes occurs at this time (Competitive Stroke Camp only), which is then
used for the stroke critique sessions. The Elite Camps do important pre-benchmark testing that is
also used for making training groups and are logged in historical records.

If it is a necessity to be late, accommodations will try to be made, but please let us know as
soon as possible. With such a busy schedule on the first day, we might not be able to get this
important testing done.

2) My child needs to fly to campus. What are your airline travel policies?

Answer: Total Performance will arrange for transportation to and from the airport for your child. Please forward a copy of your detailed flight itinerary by May 1st (including connections) to Anne Rueppel, Camp Administrator, in order to reserve shuttle transportation.

How to book your flight for camp:

Kenyon Campers:
Campers attending swim camps at Kenyon should fly in and out of the Columbus International Airport (CMH). A fee of $75.00 will be charged for the round trip transportation: $40.00 one-way transportation. This is payable at the time of registration or later with the remaining camp fee. If interested in the service, please schedule your airline flight to arrive some time before 11:00 a.m. and your departure after 3:00 p.m. the last day of camp for Elite Campers or 5:00 p.m. for Competitive Stroke campers.

What to expect at the airport:
The shuttle pick-up will meet in the baggage claim area in either airport at the designated pick-up times above. Look for a Kenyon or Calvin representative holding a sign. Campers will hang out in the baggage claim area for one hour to wait for other campers to arrive, and then the shuttle will depart for campus. Should your flight be delayed beyond an hour, call Kenyon Camp Director, Sarah Holcomb (773-412-8223) who will make the necessary arrangements for a special pick-up.

For the return shuttle service to the airport, a counselor goes to the airport (following the shuttle) and helps the campers check in. The counselor stays at the airport until ALL flights are in the air, just in case there is a delay or cancellation. In the event of a delay or cancellation, the counselor will wait at the airport as long as it takes, or help make new flight arrangements if necessary.

For children traveling unaccompanied by air, please note that TPSC and Kenyon College cannot pick up or drop off campers at their airline gates. Prior to booking your child's flight, please check with your airline to make sure: 1) Your camper will be allowed to exit their gate unaccompanied and meet our representative at baggage claim. 2) Your camper will be allowed to go through security unaccompanied to get to their departing gate.

3) When and where do I drop off my camper?

Kenyon Camps
- Check-in goes from 12:00 p.m. - 1:15 p.m. You are welcome to check-in at any time during that window. If you are using a GPS, you can plug in the following address:

208 College Park Street
Gambier, Ohio 43022

4) My camper needs to stay on campus between camp sessions?

Answer: We do not have the staff available for campers to stay on campus between sessions.



1) My child is gluten free/vegetarian/has severe food allergies. Can the dining hall
accommodate them?

Answer: Yes, the dining hall is very good about accommodating our campers who are gluten
free or have severe food allergies. If your child has severe allergies, please send our Camp
Administrator, Anne Rueppel, a detailed email listing all the different foods that your child can
and cannot eat so we can inform dining services and have what he/she needs. On nights when
we have a pizza party or camp picnic, arrangements will be made for a counselor to take your
child to the dining hall so they can get some food-to-go and re-join the rest of the group.

2) Do the campers eat in the dining hall?

Answer: Yes, the campers have three all-you-can-eat meals in Pierce Dining Hall. The food
is quite good by college standards and some of the produce even comes from local and organic

3) Can I have lunch with my child on the last day?

Answer: Yes. This is an option for parents of Competitive Stroke campers at Kenyon only.
Elite campers are finished before lunch on the last day of camp. Parents who would like to have
lunch with their Competitive Stroke Camper on the last day (Thursday) must pre-purchase lunch tickets on the first
day of camp at check-in (Sunday) for $11 per ticket. We then submit the number to the dining services so they are
prepared for the extra people coming though the cafeteria for lunch. A ticket must be purchased for each additional adults and children. The camper’s lunch is included in the cost of tuition. Parents can meet their camper at Pierce Dining Hall on Thursday at 11:30 a.m., have lunch, and then head down to the pool with their camper to watch the TPSC Time Trials.

4) Can my child bring food/snacks with them to camp?

Answer: Yes, campers are allowed to bring non-perishable snacks to camp with them. Perishable snacks are not permitted in the dorm rooms because there are no refrigerators, and Total Performance can be fined by the college for any food/drink related messes.

5) Are there vending machines in the dorms?

Answer: Yes, the dorms have vending machines for drinks and snacks. Vending machines have your typical vending machine items: candy, chips, sodas, water, and a few healthy choices mixed in.



1) Can parents stay on campus and watch practices?

Answer: Our experience has shown that parent drop-ins during the week can make
homesickness worse for younger campers. If homesickness is not a concern, parents may watch
practice sessions from the stands in the natatorium, but are not allowed on deck or in the locker
rooms. Additionally, Total Performance will not coordinate meet-ups between parents and
campers because their schedule is too busy.

Parents are welcome to come and watch the TPSC Time Trials on the last day of camp
for the Competitive Stroke campers, the final test set on the last day for the Elite Campers, and
also the timed swims and videotaping on the first day of camp after check-in.

2) What does TPSC do in cases of homesickness?

Answer: We advise parents not to call too much during the week and definitely discourage
parents dropping in to visit their camper. Experience has shown that it makes the transition away
from home harder for the homesick child. Counselors keep the campers really busy with fun
activities when not in the pool (Sunday picnic, pizza party, talent show, ice cream/bookstore
night, movie night, campus tour, scavenger hunts for the Competitive Stroke Camps) and they
are trained on how to help homesick children.

3) What is the supervision of the campers?

Answer: The campers are very well supervised --- no one is allowed to go anywhere on a
campus by themselves, even during free time. A camp counselor always accompanies campers
during all camp activities. Additionally, the campers move from venue to venue in small groups
led by the dorm counselors. Our camp locations are small campuses with intimate environments
where safety is our priority.

4) What should my camper bring to the camp?

Answer: TPSC will provide all necessary swim equipment. The following is our suggested packing list:

  • Notebook and Pen
  • 2 Swim Suits
  • 2 Swim Caps
  • 2 Pair Goggles
  • 1 Pair of Gym Shoes
  • 5 Pair Socks
  • 1 Swim Bag
  • 1 Water Bottle (name on it)
  • 1 Sweatshirt
  • 1 Pair Long Pants
  • 5 T-shirts
  • 3 - 4 Pair Gym Shorts
  • Underwear
  • Laundry Bag
  • 2 Large Towels
  • Personal Toiletries
  • Cell Phone
  • Alarm Clock
  • Umbrella
  • Small Fan
  • Bed Linens - Twin Extra Long
  • Blanket and Pillow - Optional
  • Spending Money - Optional ($20 - $40 Sufficient)

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