Counselor Profile - Ellie Crawford

Ellie Crawford

Prior to being a finalist for the NCAA Woman of the Year, Ellie Crawford was a counselor at the Total Performance Swim Camps.  This is the second year in a row that a finalist for the NCAA Woman of the Year award was also a former Total Performance Swim Camp counselor.  Fellow Kenyon graduate and Total Performance counselor, Haley Townsend had been a finalist for the prestigious award in 2016.  Total Performance Swim Camps is so proud to have a staff of collegiate athletes that are true role models both in the pool and out.  They give our campers a glimpse into what it means to be a college student-athlete, and they can relate to our campers because they were once in their shoes. 

Read on to hear Ellie share her thoughts about being a counselor at the Total Performance Swim Camps…

Q: Why did you want to work at the Total Performance Swim Camps?

A: Working TPSC is one of those opportunities that a lot of Kenyon swimmers hope to take advantage of at least once. For me, swimming has been such an integral part of everyday life for almost as long as I can remember, so by the time I applied for this position at the camps, I had about 14 years of competitive experience in over 10 different states. I've learned so much from the experience that the sport is near and dear to my heart, and I have enough expertise now to comfortably give advice to other athletes. Therefore, I really wanted to give back to the younger swimmers who are now reaching the pinnacle of their careers. Specifically, I learned a lot of lessons later-on in my career about maintaining personal health, the importance of recovery, and overtraining prevention. I wanted to impart those on the younger campers in the hope that they will one day make it even farther in their careers than I have.

Q: What was one of the most rewarding parts of working at the camp?

A: The best part of the job comes with getting to see the campers surprise themselves in the pool. We (the staff) spend the whole week analyzing their strokes and giving them tools to understand and change their own race patterns. Once they finally nail that crossover turn, swim their best races, or hit some other benchmark, we get really excited.

Q: Was there anything you learned during the camp that you didn’t expect (about swimming, coaching, anything)?

A: I always expected that taking splits and tempos for a large group of swimmers all at once was bound to be hard, but it's one thing to watch your coaches do it and another to try it yourself. There was one training session after which I realized that all of my splits during the main set had been offset by 30 seconds (if my campers are reading this, please forgive me!). It simply takes a lot of practice. The fancy stopwatches that keep track of split history and perform simple calculations automatically are truly must-haves!

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